About Cam

My name is Cam McLennan and I am running for North Saanich council.

I was born at Saanich Peninsula Hospital, and have lived in North Saanich and the surrounding area my whole life. As an adolescent, I spent most days hanging out in and around Deep Cove with friends and I have watched North Saanich grow over the years.

As North Saanich grows, it’s important to hold on to that rural municipality spirit. North Saanich is a special place, the kind of place where you can still say hello to people on the street and not get a weird look in return. I have been fortunate enough in life to do some traveling, and there are not too many places like North Saanich.

As for my day job, I am the president/owner of a local lawn and landscaping company called Island Pro Mowing and Landscaping. We specialize in lawn maintenance and landscaping services for residential and commercial customers from Sidney to Victoria. Under this company, I also operate Island Pro Bins, & Island Pro Septic. In November of 2014 I was elected as a councillor for The Town of Sidney, and served a four year term.

They say that behind every great man, is a great woman. Well that is for sure! I met Sarah, my wife of 13 years, in high school and now have three sons (ages eleven, six, and four).
Yes they can be a handful at times, but that’s what life is all about!

Our eleven year old Noah likes to play soccer and video games, as most eleven year old boys do these days! Our other two boys, Liam (six) and Ewan (four) like to play in the yard and help mom in the garden. When I was growing up in North Saanich, there was not much offered in the way of activities for youth, but nowadays there are more programs and the parks are much better!
I would like to hear from youth and young families as to what they want to see for activities and programs in North Saanich, this is a vital part of a healthy community.

Hobbies, well I have a huge passion for classic cars! Since 2009 I have been an active member in the Torque Masters Car Club. In 2010, I led the charge to bring back the annual Auto Extravaganza car show fundraiser, and have been on the organizing committee of the event for the last nine years.

My passion for cars and charitable work really comes to the surface in August, when over three hundred classic and special interest cars flood the streets of Sidney, and thousands of spectators come to see the show. I also volunteer my time with the Saanich Peninsula Celebrations Society, as the Parade Marshal for the July 1, Canada Day parade as well as the Sidney Sparkles Santa Parade in December. Marshaling the parades is hard work, but a lot of fun.

Times are tough these days for young families and it’s hard to get ahead. My wife is a stay at home mom, and has a little hobby business refinishing furniture and making natural products.  I have a good job, but it still feels like we are treading water, never feeling as though we are getting ahead.

Many young families are forced to move away from the peninsula due to expensive housing costs and lack of rental homes. I want to continue to work with land developers and non-profit organizations, to come up with innovative ways in today’s expensive market to build more affordable housing and more rental housing, so we can keep the less fortunate and young families on the peninsula.