Affordable Housing

Over the last four years, I have had affordable housing at the top of my mind.  With today’s expensive land values and high cost of construction, affordable housing usually takes a back seat. For years, councils did not want to tackle the complex issues surrounding the lack of affordable housing in our community. As part of my platform in 2014, affordable housing continues to be a big part of my decision making today!

I supported the construction of Aranza, a 56 unit affordable rental workforce housing project, currently under construction in downtown Sidney that will house local employees.
Soon the CRD will announce more affordable housing projects in Sidney, and I will be strongly arguing in favour of these projects. As mentioned, property values are at an all-time high and most developers are building high end condos.

This does not sound like it is helping the affordability problem but, I championed a motion that created an affordable housing fund and now two thirds of monies collected from developments requesting bonus density, goes directly into this fund. By the end of 2018, we should have raised over $1million dollars to be spent on affordable housing initiatives.

The problem of affordable and rental housing is large and will not be fixed overnight, but if elected, I will continue to work with developers and non-profit organizations to provide even more options for our residents that find it hard to get by in this outrageous housing market.