Business Improvement/ Economic Development

As an incumbent, I want to continue to work with local businesses, making Sidney an even better place to do business. Due to increased investments, in the form of new developments, we can keep tax increases to a minimum.

With yearly operations of the town costing roughly $20 million, we rely on new developments to allow us to introduce new amenities for our residents, while keeping up the impeccable service, all the while boasting the third lowest commercial tax rates in the CRD.

As the Council Liaison to the Sidney Business Improvement Area Society (SBIA) I have worked to create a great relationship between the SBIA and Town Of Sidney staff, helping to pave the way for a successful five year renewal process with a 95% approval rating from commercial property owners.

I also supported expanding the SBIA’s roll into visitor services, with over 40,000 visitors requesting info in 2017, I also played a key role in facilitating talks between the SBIA and town staff to create an Economic Development Officer (EDO) position which was subsequently approved by council.  I support the creation of an economic development officer to attract more business opportunity to Sidney

This has allowed us to get the best of both worlds, having the benefits of an EDO, and as it is operated by the SBIA and not a full time municipal position we get the benefit of reduced cost for this function.

The SBIA plays an integral roll in the continued successes of Sidney’s down town and now with the new EDO function can expand into Sidney’s West Side and the marine industry area along Harbour Rd, creating even more business opportunities.

I am also a strong supporter of Sidney’s many events that bring tens of thousands of visitors to Sidney each year, and as the liaison to the Sidney Events Advisory Group (SEAG) I see firsthand what we can do when we work collaboratively. SEAG members bring great synergy to the table and help make Sidney’s many events even better. Bringing more feet to the street, and more money into our local business, I will continue to support these groups as they make Sidney such a great place to live.