Re-Elect Cam McLennan

Sidney is a great town to live, work, and play. I will work hard to make it even better.

What I Stand For

Affordable Housing

As the father of a young family, affordable housing is always at the top of my mind.

Youth & Young Families

Sidney is a great place to grow up and raise a family.  I want to make it better.

Economic Development

I support the creation of an economic development officer to attract more business opportunity to Sidney.

Fiscal Responsibility

Your tax dollars need to be spent wisely and offer a great return for all residents.

Demand For Doctors

Medical care is always hard to find.  I support attracting new medical professionals to Sidney.

Active In The Community

Cam McLennan Committee Appointments

  • Peninsula Celebrations Society
  • Sidney Community Association
  • Sidney/North Saanich Ball Facility Liaison Committee
  • VAA Noise Management Committee
  • Sidney Business Improvement Area Society
  • Sidney Events Advisory Group
  • VAA Consultative Committee

A Message From Cam McLennan

Cam McLennan & Elizabeth May

As a long time resident of Sidney and the surrounding area, I am passionate about the future of this town. I want my kids and grand kids to be able to enjoy Sidney life as I have.

Over the last four years, I have worked to make sure that our businesses have the support to keep successful economic growth. I have been working to change the ‘For Lease’ signs into ‘Coming Soon’ signs.

Through support for the Sidney Business Improvement Area Society (SBIA) and by making fiscally responsible decisions, we have been able to keep Sidney's tax increases low and boast the third lowest commercial tax rates in the CRD.

I want to continue including the youth and young families in planning for the future, as it is the new generations that we are affecting with decisions made today. Over the last four years I have voted in favor of many projects that benefit our youth and young families, some of those include approval of the 'Aranza' on 4th street - 56 units of affordable workforce housing, with a large daycare center on the ground floor. The creation of the affordable housing fund that sees 2/3's of bonus density funds go towards affordable housing initiatives, the construction of the new skateboard park and improvements to many other parks thoughout Sidney.

Doctors are a real issue on the Saanich Peninsula, we have over twenty thousand residents without a family doctor. I was one of the five councilors that voted in favor of a short term loan to the Peninsula Medical Clinic, so it could remain open and could attract more doctors to Sidney. I want to work with the Provincial Government to change legislation to allow municipalities to support private doctors. (I have a meeting with Adrian Dix, BC Health Minister on September 11) to discuss ways in which the town can support new doctors, such as subsidized rents.

One idea could be that the Town receives a unit in a new development in return for bonus density. The Town could then subsidize the rent of that unit to a new physician moving to our community, to help get them on their feet. Or helping out with their school debt. Currently municipalities have very few tools within their means to attract new doctors.

I want to continue to work with property owners and developers, and create incentives to create more affordable options for our residents. Although most new developments are seemingly built for wealthy retirees, we have tools like the affordable housing fund that can benefit all our residents. I'm committed to Sidney and dedicated to progress.

Resident Engagement

It was clear when I was elected in 2014, that residents felt there was not enough transparency, and a general lack of information available to the residents with regard to Town of Sidney operations.  I supported increasing the level of communication and transparency to the residents of Sidney.  Some of the ways we have accomplished this are as follows:

  • Webcasting of all Council meetings.
  • The Town of Sidney now has Facebook and Twitter accounts to engage with residents.
  • The Town of Sidney Website, was completely overhauled and includes notifications of new developments.
  • The TownTalk newsletter, is a great way for residents to stay connected and the introduction of "special editions" focusing on planning, development and parking help keep residents informed.
  • Council Meet and Greets four times per year let residents talk one on one with council to relay there concerns.
  • Additional mail-out requirements for development.

I also voted in support of additional development notification processes and opportunities for community members to address Council , including; Public Participation at Committee of the Whole meetings;  Newspaper notices for Development Variances involving additional stories;  Increasing the notification radius from 75 metres to 100 metres for new developments in downtown Sidney

Cam McLennan Accomplishments:

  • Voted in favour of construction of new Community Safety Building.

  • Worked with the Sidney Business Improvement Area Society ( SBIA) and Town staff to create an Economic Development Officer position that will fulfill its first trial projects later in 2018.

  • Voted in favour to provide a short-term loan to the new Peninsula Medical Clinic so it could remain open and attract more family doctors to Sidney, over 5000 new patients have found a doctor due to the towns support.

  • Voted in favour of a 180 spot employee parking lot to free up parking for shoppers in the town core and stimulate business.

  • Voted in favour of the development and construction of the Aranza , a 56 unit affordable rental workforce housing project in downtown Sidney that will house local employees.

  • Championed, and encouraged council to support financial contributions to local area churches that provide hot meals to residents in need including: St Andrew's Anglican Church,  St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church, and Peace Lutheran Church.

  • Voted in favour of the installation of 132 solar panels on the roof of the public works building, which is capable of producing approximately 42,000 kilowatts a year.

  • Voted in favour of renewal of the Sidney business Improvement Area Society (SBIA) for another five-year term Supported more funding for Sidney’s visitor information services.

  • As the council liaison I support the great work done by the Sidney Events Advisory Group (SEAG) Voted in favour of revitalization of Seaport East Lands with successful new Distillery and Pub, adding new amenities to our waterfront.

  • Encourage, support and participate in many of Sidney’s community events, such as: Canada Day Parade, Sidney Days which includes council giving out free ice cream in the park, Sidney Sparkles  Parade, Sidney Night Markets, Canada 150 Celebrations, Remembrance Day Parade and Ceremony, Access Awareness, and may other great events.

  • Voted in favour of re-locating and the construction of new Skate Board Park with state-of- the-art design features.

  • Lawn Chairs in Beacon park, providing visitors and residents with a classic seaside experience 

  • Supported planning initiatives, West Sidney Land Advisory Plan, Waterfront Vision, Downtown Urban Design / Streetscape Guidelines, Parks Master Plan, Zoning Bylaw Density Review, changing the way we measure density from Units Per Hectare to Floor Area Ratio to simplify redevelopment and encourage revitalization of the downtown.

  • Championed requiring that two thirds of bonus density funds go into the Town of Sidney affordable housing fund, to be used in the future to support affordable housing initiatives

Cam McLennan, A Proven Track Record.

About Cam McLennan

My name is Cam McLennan and I am running for Sidney town council.

I was born at Saanich Peninsula Hospital and have lived in Sidney and the surrounding area my whole life. As an adolescent I spent most days hanging out in Sidney with friends. I have watched Sidney grow over the years, and I believe it’s the people that make a town, not the buildings.

As Sidney grows, it’s important to hold on to that small town spirit. Sidney is a special place, the kind of place where you can still say hello to people on the street and not get a weird look in return. I have been fortunate enough in life to do some travelling and there are not too many places like Sidney.